KCCLP is a community land trust that looks after about 21 acres of land in the village of Knucklas, in Powys.

Look at our “Visit us!” page for how to find us.

The land includes –

  • Castle Hill

– so called because it has a castle site on the top that was certainly a Mortimer Castle in the middle ages and was quite likely to have been a prehistoric castle before that. There is no trace of the castle visible, but there are some lumps & bumps that indicate where it may have been. More information is here.

The hill includes many acres of native woodland around the hill, and some delightful glades. There are prepared paths but the public are invited to walk anywhere and explore our forest and glades, find wildflowers and admire our trees.

  • Community growing

Two fields of about 4.5 acres together that provide about 35 allotments and an orchard for local people.

The orchard has about 80 fruit trees of many varieties and more information is on our orchard page.


  • Our future

The site was purchased by a few local people and the Project leases it from them. Eventually the Project wants to purchase the site and invites donations towards this aim.