AGM 2016

Give us a Hero

The speaker at the A.G.M thought we had our hero in King Arthur. Our enthusiast assured us that he was a 5th or 6th century Welshman, maybe a giant or at least very tall, and possibly he did throw a sword in a lake. (We hope he married Guinevere in Knucklas, but our speaker thought that she was a romantic invention.)
Our speaker, Evelyn Kirkham, had been looking at a range of legends; some with one Arthur, some two, some even three. Most us know the traditional tales from Le Morte d’Arthur by Sir Thomas Malory, but our speaker brought several other books, and a whole section at Bangor University library is devoted to Arthur. Perhaps our persistent desire for a rescuing hero is the reason the stories have endured. The audience contributed a great deal to the discussion.
Following was a surprisingly positive A.G.M.: healthy accounts, people volunteering to help each other and to raise money for the project. Even the village veg stall has earned a whopping £800. Events have been Apple Day, Wassail, Easter egg hunt, and Allotments Open Day. The Project, thus far, has actually paid a quarter of the purchase price for Castle Hill, allotments, and community orchard.

Apple Day 2016

Our annual Apple Day is to be SUNDAY 30th OCTOBER, 2-5 pm.

Come to the orchard and see what our wonderful trees are doing this year, and bring your own fruit for pressing, eat some lovely home made apple cakes, let the kids have some fun games ……Applympics!!

Some pots handmade in Knucklas for Knucklas Castle Community Land Project by our Kate Ritchie and Tony Hall will be for sale!


King Arthur Pottery

inspired by the legend that Arthur married Guinevere at Knucklas Castle, the images base on the 12th Century mosaic in Otranto Cathedral, Southern Italy.
THIS LOVELY PLATE (made by our Kate Ritchie and Tony Hall) WILL BE RAFFLED. Anyone buying 20 shares will get a ticket.

Also by Kate and Tony are these lovely items:

A King Arthur jug (£80):

arthurjug1-copy arthurjug2-copy








Also some King Arthur tiles (£16):



Cider Pottery

– with the words ‘everywhere about the sweet atmosphere of cider’  inscribed around the rim, based on a quote from Thomas Hardy and depicting a rather fanciful view of medieval cider drinking life around the castle.

A cider jug (unglazed-work in progress!) (£90):



Cider mug (£30):cider-cup-medium

See you there!