Family allotment open

The Knucklas Castle Project is pleased to announce re-opening of the family allotment.

As from Monday 11th April the Family Allotment will be available for children and parents to use throughout the summer and autumn of 2016.

There are tyres, blue boxes and buckets available for you to plant potatoes, onions, peas, carrots, lettuce and much more. Once you have chosen a tyre or a box please label it clearly (plastic labels or wooden signs will be left in the shed for you to use).

The Family Allotment shed has hand trowels & forks plus buckets, kneelers, gloves and all the equipment you need to do a bit of growing in a small space.

There is also a greenhouse to start seedlings such as sweet corn, runner beans, sunflowers or whatever you choose to plant out on your plots later in the season.

There will be some seeds available for you to use too and instructions as to what to plant and when if you should need it.

Jacky Smith and Siggy Haynes are available to help you get started – if you give us enough notice. If parents wish to meet us up at the allotments with their children please ring Siggy on 528223 or email

The Family Allotment is free to all users but a donation to costs would be welcome. It is funded in the main by the sale of the Knucklas Allotments Eggs and any surplus vegetables.


You keep the shed tidy and respect other people’s plots
Make sure there is always a responsible adult with your children
Observe the rules which are pinned on the door of the Family Allotment shed

Events this year

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