Web hosting changed

Hopefully you haven’t noticed, but we have changed our web site hosting company (if you see a difference please let us know!). We have recently found that we can get free hosting as a charitable organisation, and now all the Knucklas web sites are with TSOhost.co.uk.

The village has the village sites: knucklas.wales, knucklas.org.uk, knucklascommcentre.org.uk, and the church site: beaconhillbenefice.org.uk, as well as this Castle site. Please use them and let us have suggestions for improvements. There are “Contact us” pages on all the sites that you are welcome to use.

Seed swapping

There will be a SEED SWAP at the Knighton Community Market on Saturday 28th Feb. Take seeds to swap or just make a donation if you have no seeds to spare. There will be a wide variety of seeds available including Heritage Seeds from GARDEN ORGANIC.
The Market runs from 9.30 to 12.30.

Wassail photos

The Wassail was great fun, but the winter weather meant we had the blessing of the tree in the pub!

Here are some photos to prove it: